Thinking About Leaving an Abusive Relationship?

You don't have to go it alone. The Family Justice Center of St. Joseph County is here to help.

We bring the services you need under one roof, so you can get help with a range of issues-safety , legal, employment, education and much more-with just a single stop. We are a resource for local people like you, who are, or could become, victims of domestic abuse. Our services are free and available to teenagers, men, women and the elderly regardless of age, sex, religion, nationality, race or ethnicity.

Ready to take the next step? Call us at (574) 234-6900, or click here for more information about who we are, and how we can help you. We create survivors, and you can become a survivor, too.

Advocate Training

You can make a difference! Train to become a volunteer Victim Advocate for the FJC or S-O-S. FJC Advocates respond to victims at the Family Justice Center for 4 hours per week and S-O-S Advocates respond 24-hours a day via phone and in person at local emergency departments to provide: 
  • crisis intervention 
  • emotional support 
  • information
  • referrals 

For those who've experienced: 
  • rape/sexual assault 
  • domestic violence 
  • child sexual abuse 
  • sexual harassment 

Call the Family Justice Center at (574) 234-6900 today for more information or to begin the application process.

How to Help A Survivor

Do's and Don'ts


  • Ask if something is wrong
  • Express concern
  • Listen and validate
  • Offer help
  • Support his or her decisions


  • Wait for him or her to come to you
  • Judge or blame
  • Pressure him or her
  • Give advice
  • Place conditions on your support

Adapted from: NYS Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence


We are located at 533 North Niles Avenue in the East Bank Village neighboring Sunny Italy Italian Restaurant and Oaklawn's South Bend Campus.

Transpo: Bus route 7 goes by the Family Justice Center of St. Joseph County twice an hour. Click here to get more information.

For additional information on how to get to the Family Justice Center of St. Joseph County please call 574-234-6900